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Jun 17, 2015

Unravel E3 2015 Preview


Coldwood Interactive is an adorable studio with an even more adorable game, Unravel. They are a passionate indie studio where the player tells the story through their actions, rather than through cutscenes. After a short setup and gameplay demo, I was off to play the game for myself. While I wasn’t too surprised at what followed, this was one of the most joyous games I’ve played in a long time.

You play as Yarny, formed out of a ball of yarn that was dropped, and you exit a house and are left to your own devices. The demo I played was the tutorial level, and then a fast forward to a later level where you’re in the woods and it’s stormy and rainy.

The best comparison I can make for this game, was that it was as if someone turned on the lights in Limbo. It plays a lot like that game, with the puzzles, movement, and the dangerous creatures that inhabit the outside world. Thankfully though, Unravel is more nuanced than just a simple comparison.

As you travel the world with Yarny, he’s reminded of things that help him along his journey, connecting him to the people that have been in his life. Yarny will jump, climb, and attach his yarn to objects to create bridges, repel, and swing from location to location. It is possible to use too much yarn, but it doesn’t happen in such a way that you get stuck. The game will offer yarn replenishment at the right time to give you more yarn.

The music is cute, and there’s almost no talking in the game. It’s a very quiet, reflective, cute game. If your heart wasn’t warmed by the presentation at EA’s Press Conference, then you will most certainly be won over when the game releases. Unravel is one of the best game experiences I’ve had this year.