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DoorKickers gets updated on Steam, releases on iPad


Today we celebrate the launch of Door Kickers on iPads, which is a big milestone for us and a project we had in mind for a long time. But since you are reading this announcement you obviously are a PC player and want to know how this affects you.

Here are the quick facts:

  • Door Kickers iPad is the exact same hardcore game you know and love, but has the interface adapted for smaller screens and touch controls
  • The game supports cross platform saves compatibility. This means that you can game on the PC when at home… or at work, export the save and continue playing on your iPad! No need to start from scratch on the new platform, you will use your elite squad from the PC.
  • The iPad release brings a new campaign and 2 new weapons. These have also been added to the PC version via patch 1.08.
  • One of the new weapons is the suppressed Six 12 shotgun, available to both breachers and Stealth troopers. It should open up some interesting tactical options.
  • Using the iPad you can show your awesome tactical skills to your buddies.
  • Most importantly, development on the PC continues.

Ok, where can i check this iPad version out? link

How to get the PC update: Steam version updates automatically. The DRM-free / GOG builds will get updated installers, available from your place of purchase, or you can use this link. Let us know if you need help.

Wait, what about my iPhone?
We are investigating some of the larger screen phones, but can’t make any promises at the moment.

Door Kickers for tablets sounds terrific, but I only have this Android tablet (and it kicks ass)! 
Once the smoke clears over the iPad launch, porting to Android is our main focus.

What the new patch does :
New Features:
– New campaign, in celebration of the iPad release.
– Two new shotguns.
– Tablet mode: activate the new GUI and control scheme optimized for touchscreen displays and trackpads.
– Added import/export save-games capability, to share progress between different platforms (PC-Mac-Linux-iOS).
– Improved path-drawing smoothness on some maps.
– Increased maximum zoom-in distance.

– Saved plan no longer randomly resetting when restarting a mission.
– Fixed incorrect window size when sometimes running in Windows 8.1 (high-dpi scaling).
– Fixed crash under certain conditions in the deploy screen.
– Music is now looping after winning a mission.
– Various fixes and improvements for many maps.
– Issue where troopers could go through doors.
– Bug where gocodes would get canceled.
– Trackpad right-click emulation changed to Z (though now you should activate the Tablet mode option).
– Various other improvements and fixes regarding GUI and gameplay.
– Music is now streamed instead of keeping it whole in memory, which should fix some crashes on 2GB systems.
– Fixed starting resolution on Windows high-dpi devices.

Have fun, and let us know which version do you prefer, and why :)