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Jul 26, 2015

Survarium Update 0.30 detailed by Community Member, “Shake Bake”

We’re glad to announce that the public test server with update 0.30 will have started on Monday! You can install a PTS version simultaneously with version 0.29.

The test server is available to players registered on the Survarium website no later than July 23, and is located in the CIS-segment of regional servers. In this regard, players from North American and European regions will have a higher ping. Please note that players registered via Steam, will not be able to participate in testing due to different authorization systems. Please note that the public test server will be available only during working hours on weekdays. Also temporary shutdowns are possible due to installing updates and making urgent changes. We remind you that all players participating in testing will receive 1 million silver and 10 thousand gold to make purchases in the PTS game shop.

Characters and progress in the main game as of July 23 will be moved to the test server. However, the progress during the test will not be further taken into account and transferred to the main server! The test server has no way of making payments, and therefore such payments will be automatically credited to the account on the primary server.

Please note that the version of the game installed on PTS may be different from the version for the primary server.

The full list of changes is available here.┬áIn the video, Community Member and YouTuber “Shake Bake” teaches you about:

  • The Last Stand Game Mode;
  • Character Face Selection;
  • Anomalous Skill Tree;
  • New Weapons and Equipment.