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Survarium update 0.30 is now live, brings big changes and new faces


Vostok Games has released update 0.30 to their free-to-play first-person shooter, Survarium. The complete list of changes are long, and expansive, showing a big attention detail and player feedback. Come see what’s new.

The Complete List of Changes


  • Introduced “Knowledge of the Forest” – the third skill tree. These skills are focused on the interaction with artifacts and anomalies
  • Damage of anomalies increased by 30%
  • Due to the introduction of the new skill tree all skill points will be reset and can be redistributed
  • New game mode “The Last Stand”: players are eliminated during the match
  • If you lose in “The Last Stand”, you become a spectator. You can also leave the match at any moment
  • You have to choose at least two modes on game mode selection screen
  • When changing profile before a battle begins, correct equipment and weapon are displayed now
  • Changed the mechanics of horizontal recoil when firing automatic weapons
  • Now weapons are not reloaded automatically when a magazine is empty. You have to press reload button (R by default) or fire button (LMB by default)
  • New and improved animations for moving and firing weapons
  • Updated and fixed footstep sounds. The sound now depends on the premises. Increased distance at which you hear enemy footsteps
  • Added an option to choose appearance. Four faces are currently available
  • Added faction selection screen
  • Changed tutorial before the first match. Now it’s easier for newcomers to get by in the world of Survarium
  • Survivor’s Notes updated to be more informative
  • Limb damage decreased to 80% of body damage (used to be 90%)
  • Minimum damage of bullets not penetrating armor descreased from 50% to 40%
  • Vegetation changed on all locations except Vector Laboratory

Equipment and weapons

  • Increased effective range of assault rifles
  • PMN-3 now occupies the entire slot for supplies (you can take only one mine)
  • Onyx artifact: passive bonus decreases damage and armor-piercing of bullets fired into the character by 5%
  • Onyx artifact: active bonus decreases damage and armor-piercing of bullets fired into the character by 60%
  • Spring artifact: passive bonus to movement speed decreased to 2%
  • Changed modifiers of premium equipment and weapons. Now each premium item has three random battle modifirs and one modifier increasing either experience, or reputation, or silver gain.
    Read more in the article about premium equipment


  • Added assault rifle OTs-14 “Groza” to level 9: damage 35, armor-piercing 45, rate of fire 700
  • Added assault rifle VHS-2 to level 10: damage 32, armor-piercing 45, rate of fire 850
  • Added sniper rifle Barrett M82 to level 10: damage 180, armor-piercing 100, rate of fire 40
  • KRISS Vector: damage increased to 35, armor-piercing decreased to 20, now uses .45 ACP +P ammo
  • TOZ-122: damage decreased to 100
  • Remington 700: damage decreased to 100
  • AKS-74U: damage increased to 32, moved to level 6
  • Vz.58: armor-piercing increased to 45, moved to level 7

Black market

  • Added a set of armored equipment (body armor, armored pants, boots, gloves, helmet, armored mask, backpack for ammo) to level 10
  • Added assault rifle FN SCAR-H to level 10: damage 38, armor-piercing 65, rate of fire 625
  • Added light machine gun FN Minimi to level 10: damage 32, armor-piercing 48, rate of fire 800
  • Uzi: armor-piercing increased to 20
  • H&K UMP45: damage increased to 35
  • Valmet: armor-piercing increased to 45
  • FN FNC: damage increased to 32, armor-piercing increased to 45
  • H&K 416A5: damage decreased to 32

Download Survarium 0.30 from Vostok Games: or on Steam: