Feb 12, 2016

I Want To Be Human coming in April, celebrates Valentine’s Day with new trailer

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’ve amassed a body
count, just so I can save you!

I know you’ve been kidnapped and they probably probed you a bit.
But don’t worry – I’m hacking through mutants, so we
can give Smile Tech the slip.

Sorry for the cheesy card that’s bound to make you sigh, but writing is kinda hard with all this blood in my eye.

Our adventure was once destined only for PC, but Rising Star Games has let us wreak havoc on not one platform, but three!

Maybe I’m still reeling from all the DNA splicing, but @JimmyUrine’s music makes all this killing quite enticing

It may be sad that all this danger is looming, but I guess what I’m trying to ask is…
Will you be my human?

Rising Star Games wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day

I Want To Be Human Sinks its Fangs into
PC, PS4 and Xbox One this April