Feb 18, 2016

Dungelot: Shattered Lands has come to Steam with Twitch integration

tinyBuild Games, the studio behind titles like Punch Club, Party Hardand SpeedRunners, is today announcing that it is doing more stupid crap you will roll your eyes at.

The Seattle-based company has launched Dungelot: Shattered Landson Steam, a roguelike dungeon-crawler that had an illegitimate kid with Minesweeperand the first 10 Twitch streamers to beat the game will receive free tinyBuild games on Steam for life.

The Dungelot 100 Floor Twitch Challenge is a special edition of the game, sent to Twitch Streamers, that provides 100 floors to be beaten. Starting at 10am PST on February 18, Twitch streamers are challenged to beat the 100 floor dungeon as quickly as possible, with the fastest players getting free tinyBuild games on Steam for the rest of their/our life.

And that’s not all: People who choose to stream the special version of the game will see free Steam keys for the full game drop into their Twitch live chat, for their viewers to grab. Full details on how the competition works can be found on the tinyBuild website: