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May 24, 2017

Super Cloudbuilt will have alternate visual styles you can change on-the-fly when it releases this summer

From Press Release Email:

Swedish developers Coilworks and publishers Double Eleven have given a sneak peak into the changeable visual styles in their upcoming title Super Cloudbuilt, which releases on PlayStation™ 4, Xbox One and Steam this summer.

A newly-added graphics setting allows players to change, with a dramatic variation in style, how their game looks. One of the defining aspects of Super Cloudbuilt is its strong visual style: bold colours, bright effects and gorgeous cross-hatched shading, which give the effect that the game is being hand-drawn in real time. So when the art style is so central to the game’s design, why allow players to see it differently?

Super Cloudbuilt is a sci fi rocket-parkour game, with emphasis on exploration, speedrunning and skill. Players have several paths to complete each level, the option to slow down, explore your environment and collect powerups, and experience multiple endings. You’re in charge of how the game plays, so why not how it looks as well?

By switching the game to ‘Painted’ mode, players can turn off the cross-hatching and enjoy the world as though it was a watercolour piece of art. By selecting ‘Key Colors’ mode, you can remove the colors from much of the background so that obstacles and enemies stand out brightly and are quickly identified. If you pause your game just right in ‘Sketch’, your screenshots look like they’re torn from the pages of an artist’s sketchpad.

“During the debug process, we saw hints of what is now ‘Low Noise’ mode and liked it so much that we really wanted the players to see it,” said Anders Davallius, creative director at Coilworks. “We decided to give players more flexibility based on their personal preference, giving them new ways to experience Super Cloudbuilt by providing styles that we thought looked cool and felt unique.”