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Oct 17, 2017

Guild Wars 2 starts “The Shadow of the Mad King” Halloween event today

Guild Wars 2 Shadow of the Mad King Labyrinth

It’s that time of year in Tyria!

From Press Release:

ArenaNet is happy to announce the return of Guild Wars 2’s annual in-game Halloween Festival “The Shadow of the Mad King,” starting today and running through Nov. 7. This year’s festivities – free to all players – contain delights old and new:

  • Return to The Mad King’s labyrinth where players will face off against the labyrinth’s frightful denizens and their grisly overlords as well as use their Path of Fire mounts and Heart of Thorns gliders to navigate its twisting passages
  • Leap over crumbling remnants of the shattered Clock Tower jumping puzzle in a mad dash against time
  • Poor Villagers must fight to survive the night against Lunatic Courtiers in the Lunatic Inquisition PvP game
  • Comedic appearances from the Mad King in Lion’s Arch and the chance to confront him in his lair
  • And much more!

Additional details on “The Shadow of the Mad King” Halloween event can be found here:

“The Shadow of the Mad King” content is available free to all players. For the full Guild Wars 2 experience, players can pick up the new second expansion, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, at‎.