May 02, 2018

Heavy Metal Machines brings the new arena, Cursed Necropolis to the game

From Press Release:

Heavy Metal Machines, the motorised combat MOBA by Brazilian studio Hoplon has new content to play in.

A couple of weeks ago, the game introduced a new arena, the Cursed Necropolis, with all-new acid pool hazards, and wider lanes for faster competitive gameplay. The studio also just put out a new gameplay trailer for the game – which is free to play, and available in early access at Steam, right now. This trailer showcases a bunch of the game’s characters, its pilots, and their super individual look and vehicle traits. It really conveys the action that goes down in an average match of three-on-three mayhem.

Heavy Metal Machines is a one-­of-­a-­kind 4v4 multiplayer arena combat game where two teams battle it out across three deadly arenas to be the first to score a goal and destroy their opponent’s base. Players choose from a roster of psychotic post-apocalyptic road warriors with each over-the-top personality bringing their own unique death machine, delivering a distinct style of gameplay with awesome upgrades and customizations to match. Over a dozen vehicles are available, dealing destruction while being accompanied by a dynamic, mood­setting heavy metal soundtrack.