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May 09, 2018

Hellbound is a 90s inspired FPS coming in 2019, free Survival Mode playable teaser available now

From Press Release:

BUENOS AIRES ā€“Ā May 9, 2018Ā ā€“Ā Hellbound, the ridiculously violent ā€˜90s-inspired FPS from developerĀ Saibot Studios, rips its way onto the scene in 2019. A freeĀ Survival Mode teasing the potential of a full campaign is available today onĀ SteamĀ for those who canā€™t wait to get a taste of the slaughter.

When itā€™s time to destroy demons with bones, bullets, or bare hands, Hellgore is the man for the job. This big, stitched-up slab of muscle has one thing on his mind: crimson carnage. Well, he has his own fully fleshed-out backstory, but thatā€™s not important right now. Just know that heā€™s no stranger to gunning down the demonic denizens of Hell.

HellboundĀ is a ā€˜90s FPS, 20 years later with old-school gameplay, and new-school quality. Remember when shooters were brutally hard, fast-paced, and violent? Imagine that rendered grotesquely in Unreal Engine 4. In the Survival Mode available today for free, Hellgore smashes and blasts monsters in a wave-based arena, reveling in chaos as heavy metal and industrial music chugs in the background. Every wave summons hordes of enemies to cleave through.

Five weapons round out Hellgoreā€™s arsenal in Survival Mode, with more to come through frequent updates. The Headcrusher, Simple Shotgun, Triple Shotgun, Indolora (remember Olā€™ Painless from Predator?), and Rocket Launcher are his implements of destruction as he takes on the soldiers of Hell. Power-ups like Hell Damage, Hell Speed, and Hell Skin increase your attack power, speed, and explosive resistance respectively.

IfĀ KickstarterĀ funding goals are met, Survival Mode becomes just a teaser for the single-player campaign Saibot Studios wants to create. Even more weapons, enemies, power-ups, and Hellgoreā€™s full story are on the way ifĀ HellboundĀ accrues $100,000. Multiplayer modes including co-op and death matches can become a reality.

ā€œClassic ā€˜90s first-person shooters were my favorite games growing up and they introduced me to video game development,ā€ said Tobias Rusjan, founder of Saibot Studios. ā€œI want to share that love by taking those ideas and dialing them up to 11 in the 21s century.ā€

For more information, please exploreĀ Hellboundā€™sĀ official site,Ā Twitter,Ā Facebook, andĀ Steam forums.