Nov 13, 2018

Undead Horde gets a new trailer for this necromancer simulator from 10tons Ltd

From Press Release:
Undead Horde is our upcoming “necromancer simulator”. The player controls a necromancer who must take back a kingdom the living stole from him.

Some stuff the Necromancer can do in Undead Horde:

  • Re-animate slain enemies
  • Command undead minions to attack the living
  • Beat the crap out of living with melee weapons
  • Burn, maim and curse the living
  • Loot villages and towns for items and gold
  • Equip an endless amount of procedurally generated items which improve the necromancer and the horde
  • Gain levels and absorb souls which give him various upgrades

The game can be viewed and wishlisted on Steam here:

We’re also inviting random people from our mailing list into alpha tests. There’s a sign up form at We can’t invite everyone, but we need a lot of testers, so there’s a good chance to get an invite. Currently we’re looking for PC/Windows testers. Details about other platforms will be announced later.