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Dec 17, 2018

Bioshock Remastered & Bioshock 2 Remastered are now available on

From Press Release:

While GOG.COM’s biggest sale of the year is just gaining speed, there’s another major announcement with 2K’s legendary shooters joining the DRM-free catalog of curated titles.

BioShock™ and BioShock 2™ emerge from somewhere beyond the sea, dripping with that claustrophobic atmosphere of decay, corruption, and human ambition gone wrong.

Widely considered as the gold standard for story-driven shooters with light RPG elements, they have been remastered to feature higher resolution textures and models, director’s commentary, and several other additions that ensure time will never wash them away.

Both games are joining the Winter Sale line-up with a 75% discount until January 3. And while we’re on the topic of big savings, there are +1900 games on sale including…

Don’t miss Daily Deals – the best offers you can find available for 24 hours only. Check back at 2:00 PM UTC every day for eight new games you won’t otherwise find in Winter Sale.

Unlock free games while you shop in the sale: get Fantasy General free with your first purchase, and EVERSPACE once all your Winter Sale spending adds up to $15.

Note: BioShock™ and BioShock 2™ on GOG.COM are available in Remastered versions. The original ones will be added as a free bonus at a later date.