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Dec 19, 2018

Iron Harvest, the alternate history WWI RTS begins Multiplayer Alpha

From Press Release:

KING Art launched the Multiplayer Alpha for RTS “Iron Harvest” for supporters on Steam today. Players can join the Alpha by pre-ordering the game to get access to many new dieselpunk mechs and challenging multiplayer PVP and co-op maps with up to four friends.

“I already lost 8 out of 10 matches against a pro player from Company of Heroes. It is time to see how other players are doing!” – Julian Strzoda, Executive Producer.

With the multiplayer launch, players can wreck enemy mechs and wreak havoc on the environment by testing their skills and strategies against more than 20.000 Kickstarter backers.

The real-time destruction and cover system will quickly turn the idyllic rural landscapes into a WW1 battlefield. Befitting of the winter season, players can stomp through a new snow-covered map and conquer an abandoned castle. Build heavy artillery and break through the fortifications of the enemy’s base. Yup, there is base building.

The Multiplayer Alpha offers:

  • Classic Real-time Strategy feeling
  • Multiplayer and co-op matches, in addition to skirmishes against the strong AI
  • Two 1v1 maps, one 2v2 map and a challenge map (horde mode)
  • There are 8 infantry units, 10 mechs and two weapon systems (field cannon & heavy MG)
  • Base building, bunkers and fortifications
  • A ton of improvements based on community feedback from Alpha 1

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