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Dec 21, 2018

Undead Horde necromancer simulator offers gift of free “Holiday Special” demo now available on

From Press Release:

Tampere, Finland, December 20th 2018 – Undead Horde Holiday Special by 10tons Ltd. is now available for free on The Holiday Special is a demo of Undead Horde featuring some core elements from the main game.

”We’ve wanted to create a short demo of Undead Horde for a while. This holiday special gave us a nice opportunity for it. The Holiday Special is a nice bite sized game with some hilarious moments so go try it – your undead elf army awaits!” says Sampo Töyssy from 10tons.

Holiday Special Features:

  • Re-animate your slain enemies and raise undead from graves
  • Grow a massive army of undead elves
  • Equip tons of loot
  • Take over the Xmasland
  • Have fun with elves
  • Observe the reindeer

Please note that the Holiday Special lacks many of the features from the full game as a stand-alone demo.

About the main game: Undead Horde is a necromantic action game with elements from RPG, strategy and hack’n’slash. You’ll battle against the living who’ve driven the necromancers and their undead minions into exile. You’ll re-animate all kinds of creatures and build an army of up to 100 undead. Your army follows you or attacks the enemies depending on your commands.

Undead Horde Holiday Special on