Nov 07, 2019

Bite The Bullet, a Metal Slug roguelike RPG where you eat your enemies announced and coming in 2020

From Press Release:

Get ready to blast grotesque creatures and then feast on their corpses in upcoming Run & Gun & Eater Bite The Bullet next year. Learn what happens when you eat your enemies, how eating upgrades your character’s abilities, and what happens when you eat the wrong things (blech!) in this new trailer.

Bite The Bullet launches next year on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC, and also features rogue-lite RPG elements. In Bite the Bullet players satisfy their appetite for destruction by eating enemies, bullets and more to powerup their character, weapons, and abilities. Players gun down adversaries with a barrage of bullets before dining on their corpses to craft new weapons, energize skills and special attacks, and transform into a powerful Zombro form to smash foes into smithereens. There are three branching skill trees based on diet – and players must always remember, you are what you eat!

Key Features Include

  • Chow Down on Everything – Devour enemies, walls and even bullets to powerup your character, weapons and abilities.
  • Food Based Class System – Choose between diet-based classes like the vegetarian Slaughter of the Soil or the blood-soaked Gorivore, all based on what you eat. Chew carefully because every enemy has its own nutritional information, and your body type will change based on the types of enemies you consume.
  • Loot Powerful Weapons – Defeat enemies and take their mighty weapons with fun modifiers, like Spicy Critter Cannons and Organic Meat-Seeking Missiles.
  • Customize Your Character & Weapons – Wolf down special types of characters and enemies to craft exotic new weapons and customize your character’s synergistic skill tree that offer abilities like Napalm Vomit and Appetite for Destruction.
  • Transform into Powerful Zombro Form – Spice up combat to the next level by mutating into Zombro form and smashing enemies into bite-sized bits.

Wishlist on Steam: