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Nov 08, 2019

Velocilinx partners with Military Gaming League,, Military Gamer Supply, and Stack Up to bring peripherals to Veterans

From Press Release:

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Nov. 8, 2019 — Hardware developer Velocilinx is excited to be teaming up with the Military Gaming League and not-for-profit entities and Stack Up, the Military Gaming League, and the Military Gamer Supply network. As a developer of esports-ready peripherals, Velocilinx is bringing its mice, keyboards, and headsets to both active duty service members and veterans through these new relationships.

Having recently revealed their new tournament-ready Warrior line of peripherals, Velocilinx has created mice, keyboards and headsets designed with long gaming sessions in mind. Crafted with premium materials, the Warrior line is built to be comfortable, responsive, and durable. Velocilinx is thrilled to be sharing the Warrior line with veteran and active military gamers where the quality of the product is evident in gameplay and the Velocilinx mission toward supporting the military. “We’re excited to be bringing the Warrior line to real-life warriors,” said Stephen Machuga, Founder and CEO of Stack Up. “The work that Stack Up has done to deliver gaming to active and veteran military is something we’re thrilled to be able to contribute to.  Furthermore, we greatly appreciate how Velocilinx, through gaming, is helping to bring attention to mental health awareness for the military community including friends and family.”

Suicide prevention, engagement, and furthering initiatives to improve the experience of military members and their families both during and after service is the backbone of Stack Up, who actively supports the military by bringing a shared love of video games through their various charitable programs. Their care packages are thoughtfully curated to bring gaming products to deployed military, in support of family readiness missions, and also to those recovering in military hospitals to provide a positive and supportive activity. Through their partnership, Stack Up will be sharing the Boudica and Brennus RGB mice, keyboards, and headsets as well as the Tyr mouse from Velocilinx.

At an upcoming event, the Military Gaming League (MGL) is partnering with Stack Up for a Veteran’s Day weekend battle.  The US and British Army teams will play head-to-head in a day-long fundraising event for Stack Up. MGL is organizing the event for Stack Up at one of the premier esports gaming events:  Player Omega at the Pomona Fairplex near Los Angeles. Entrenched in both the military community and esports industry, MGL is an esports league that consists of active duty, Reserve, National Guard service-members and veterans.  “Our mission is to bring the military family into the world of esports by providing an inclusive, global gaming community,” said Daniel Ball, co-founder of the Military Gaming League. “Velocilinx has been a tremendous partner for us and for Stack Up at the event this coming weekend.” continues the camaraderie and espirit de corps members of the armed services are familiar with.  This results in a community of mutual support. Velocilinx, in partnership with and Military Gamer Supply, are dedicated to building a community that supports military members during and following their service using games as a common interest in order to tackle suicide, PTSD/TBI, and other serious issues facing our nation’s service members today. “The quality behind Velocilinx matches our dedication to our fellow service members,” remarked Brandon Sivret, Owner of Military Gamer Supply and Executive Officer of, “even before the Warrior line launched, Velocilinx demonstrated their interest by traveling to Fort Bliss to gather feedback directly from members of our community. That level of commitment is something we appreciate and sets them apart from others in the industry.”

The gamer-focused Velocilinx Warrior line is now available through Staples, Newegg, and other retailers coming soon. For more information on Velocilinx visit the official site here. To find out more about the charitable programs provided by Stack Up visit the official site here. To find out more about visit the official site here.  To find out more about the Military Gaming League visit the official site here.