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Nov 13, 2019

Railroad Corporation departs Early Access for Full Release on November 18th

From Press Release:

Attention all passengers! This is the final call for tycoon management sim game Railroad Corporation, departure time 18thĀ November 2019 from Steamā€™s Early Access Program. If you donā€™t yet have a ticket, you can take advantage of the Early Access priceĀ hereĀ and join your fellow travelers on the journey of a lifetime.

Prepare for departure by watching our awesome stream with the amazingĀ False Phoenix below, where all the questions from the community will be answered by Iceberg Interactive.

When entering Steamā€™s Early Access program,Ā Railroad CorporationĀ started with only one chapter and no additional game-modes. Since then, it has seen plenty of exciting new updates and features, including:

  • Sandbox Mode: letting players expand their train network without limitations, timers or objectives.
  • Challenge Update: a separate, more advanced scenario with complex tasks to solve.
  • Multiplayer Update: allowing players to compete against friends or faux when building their railway empire.

The full release will introduce a second chapter, where players can start their own companies and compete against an AI fighting for the same objectives as them. The release will also see the addition of a stock market feature, letting players grow their railway empire by buying and selling shares on the stock market.