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Jan 09, 2020

Days of War sets a release date of January 30th on Steam

From Press Release:

Vancouver – January 9, 2020 – Experience the heart-pounding, bullet-flying action of World War 2 like never before with the full release of Days of War from developer Driven Arts and publisher Graffiti Games. Launching on Steam January 30th for $24.99 USD, Days of War is a competitive online first-person shooter (FPS) that reimagines the team-based, closed quarters, non-stop action of classic World War II multiplayer shooters.

Players can Wishlist Days of War on Steam.

To celebrate the upcoming launch, Graffiti Games and Driven Arts have released a trailer that showcases dives into the background of the game and its features.

With full release, players will receive a multiplayer experience with a bevy of new weapons, maps, and more. In addition, users can build their own maps with a Map Editor and can hone their FPS skills in offline mode with bots.

“We’ve were hoping for a game like Days of War 10 years ago, and four years ago we decided that we’d be the ones to make it a reality,” says Lee Snodgrass, Co-Founder of Driven Arts. “We took our time to make sure Days of War truly was the game we had in our heads, and we’re proud to say we’re finally here. As a small studio, our community has been instrumental in shaping the game and getting us to the finish line, but this is by no means the end. We hope to support Days of War for another three years, now that we’ve got a solid foundation there’s a lot more that we want to do.”

Major Features at Launch Include:

  • Nonstop World War II Action – Fast-paced combat that throws players into the fray over and over again. Competitive viability for many types of play styles from bolt action rifles to high capacity machine guns.
  • Maps From Around the World – Discover 12 maps to conquer, including new theatres in Italy, Africa and the Eastern front.
  • Elite Factions & Weapons – Fight as 4 different countries and find your favorite guns from an arsenal of 60 different weapons. 
  • Massive Battles – Partake in 32-player battles to see who reigns supreme.
  • Deep Modding Features – Make custom maps and mods with the easiest to use UE4 based SDK available.
  • Matchmaking and Multiplayer Bots – Hop right into the action with our robust matchmaking system or practice locally to test your skills against multiplayer bots.

For more information regarding Days of War please visit the game’s website.