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Jan 16, 2020

A Long Way Down, the deck-building roguelite RPG from Goblinz Studio is out on Steam Early Access today

From Press Release:

Yutz, France – January 16, 2020 – Independent games developer Goblinz Studio is releasing the deck-building roguelite role playing game A Long Way Down on Steam today.

Inspired by hits like Darkest Dungeon, Slay the Spire and Hand of Fate, A Long Way Down is set in a dark and tormented world in which you’ll have to assemble your party and use your cards to survive, fight and build your way through a dark maze of monsters.

The cards you choose will determine how you explore the dungeon and defend yourself from every enemy as you meet many fellow adventurers, upgrade your items and equipment, and collect rewards.

A Long Way Down will be launched in Early Access and it will stay like that for 4-8 months. The game will currently contains 2-3 hours of gameplay, around 40 cards, 3 playable characters and a dozen of monsters.


  • Build a crew to roam the darkness of the mastermind’s lair
  • Dive in a journey where sin meets virtue on every crossroad
  • Gather memories from your past to understand the heroes journey
  • Upgrade epic weapons & armors to overcome bigger foes
  • Adapt your play style & upgrade your skills to face various challenges
  • Play the adventure again and try new morality choices

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