Feb 05, 2020

Darksburg, the survival action game from Shiro Games hits Early Access on February 12th

From Press Release:

BORDEAUX, France – Feb. 5, 2020 – Darksburg, the cooperative zombie survival action game from Northgard and Evoland series developer Shiro Games, enters Steam Early Access on Feb. 12, 2020. Darksburg’s Early Access launch follows a successful closed beta period, which saw thousands of players fight through hordes of zombies in the titular medieval town.

Assemble a team of up to four players to liberate Darksburg from ravenous undead who have overtaken the town. Choose from a colorful cast of Survivors, including Varag, an escaped wolfman and humankind’s (part-time) best friend, or the viciously compassionate Sister Abigail, each of whom possesses special abilities and unlockable skills. Coordinate with teammates to unleash powerful attacks to gain ground across atmospheric, objective-based maps.

Push back against the horde while preparing for unpredictable assaults by imposing zombie characters, called Revenants, who rival the strength of the Survivors. Revenants can be controlled both by Darksburg’s AI or other players in the competitive Versus mode, launching ambushes to halt the Survivors’ progress. To secure victory, the Survivors must complete objectives, overcome environmental obstacles, and balance a limited supply of resources, all while dispatching swarms of enemies and slaying monstrous boss characters.

Darkburg’s Steam Early Access launch includes four playable Survivors, four playable Revenants, five immersive maps set in the town’s Harbor, Marketplace, and Faubourg districts, and three diverse game modes, including standard co-op mode, which pits players against the computer; a tense showdown between Revenants and Survivors in PvP mode; and Last Stand, a wave-based gauntlet that pushes players’ skills to the limit in an effort to survive.

Darksburg launches on Steam Early Access Feb. 12, 2020. To learn more, please visit the official site, wishlist the game on Steam, join the community Discord, Twitter, and Facebook.