Feb 25, 2020

Genesis Alpha One comes to Steam and GOG after Epic Games Store exclusivity today

From Press Release:

Tuesday, 25th February 2020 – Team17 and developer Radiation Blue have announced that Genesis Alpha One has launched on Steam and GOG today. Genesis Alpha One is a roguelike shooter with base building and survival elements that sees players build and manage their ship, eradicate alien invasions, farm resources, explore uncharted planets, and even clone themselves in a last-ditch attempt to save humanity. A deluxe edition of the game is now available on Steam and GOG and includes a digital artbook, soundtrack, and the Rocket Star Corporation DLC that features exclusive weapons.

The deluxe edition of Genesis Alpha One will also launch with a brand-new update that upgrades the games lighting and graphics, improves gunplay with new weapons, increases enemy intelligence, and includes a new HUD system along with a host of other gameplay features and improvements. The update will launch on console versions soon.

Genesis Alpha One will also be on sale for both console and PC with 25% off to celebrate the launch.

Key Features: 

  • Rogue-like: Each run in Genesis Alpha One is unique and players can tailor the game to suit their own play style with custom game modes as they explore randomly generated galaxies.
  •  Build, Upgrade, Explore: Starting small, players will build their ship from the ground up, adding in crew quarters, workshops, hangers and more to fit the job at hand. Once built, the ship can then be explored in all its glory from a first-person point of view.
  •  Aliens: Alien infestations can be a death sentence to a crew of unsuspecting victims, so players will need to use the weapons and research at their disposal to fight back the alien hordes.
  • Cloning: Players will need to expand their crew by any means possible to continue the human race, even if that means mixing in a little alien DNA in the process.

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