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Mar 02, 2020

LET IT DIE now has over 6 Million Downloads on both PC and PlayStation 4

From Press Release:

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – Mar. 2, 2020 – It is a good day to die! GungHo Online Entertainment (GOE) and Grasshopper Manufacture’s hack-and-slash roguelike, LET IT DIE has surpassed over six million downloads worldwide. The milestone comes after its exclusive debut on the PlayStation 4 in December 2016, later launching on Steam in September of 2018.

“We owe it entirely to our dedicated fanbase, our ‘senpais’, for getting behind LET IT DIE and making this milestone possible,” says Kazuki Morishita, President & CEO of GOE. “The journey with them has been a pleasure as we have watched the game grow – just imagine the sheer amount of Death Data out there!”

To celebrate the momentous occasion, there will be an in-game event to be announced at a later date.

LET IT DIE is available on the PlayStation Store and Steam.

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