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Mar 02, 2020

Unity of Command II update brings more Axis Scenarios, with it being 20% Off this week

From Press Release:

After a period in testing, Update 11 for Unity of Command II is now live for all players, delivering new content, UI improvements, features, bug fixes and more.

Battle of Kasserine Pass and Operation Nordwind standalone scenarios are now included, completing an exciting trio of Axis operations together with Wacht Am Rhein.

To mark the occasion, Unity of Command II is on a 20% discount this week

The game now includes a “Save As” option. It is enabled by default for standalone scenarios; for campaigns, you need to go to Options > Gameplay > Allow ‘Save As’. You also have the option to change the save name when starting a new game/campaign. Happy save scumming!

Other notable changes:

  • campaign games can now be restarted from the last conference played. There is a score penalty of 10% (capped at 250) for this, but no prestige penalty.
  • the game now counts how many scenarios a unit will stick around for (in the campaign), and displays a 1, 2, or 3+ on the unit sheet.
  • persistent cards that are face down in the deck (for example a para card that was just dropped) can now be recouped for 0 prestige, to make room in the deck.
  • much more detailed specialist tooltips

For more information, go to Unity of Command II on Steam: