Jul 01, 2020

Curved Space open beta lets you experience the twin-stick shooter backed by a pulse-pounding synthwave soundtrack on PC now

From Press Release:

Edmonton, Canada — Only By Midnight cordially invite everyone to try out the open PC beta for their debut title, Curved Space. A dizzying blend of third-person and twin-stick arcade shooter styles, the full game is due out this Fall on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Lucky PC players can get a first taste of the synthwave-tinged neon fun to come today, and help shape its future. Players can try a demo on Steam here and collect their access code for the beta on the Only By Midnight Discord channel here.

The beta version contains the first act of the story mode, taking players through basic training, several stages of spider-wrangling action and culminating in a massive boss battle. Beta players will also have access to a content-restricted version of the endless Survival mode, for those who really want to put their ship through its paces. Lastly, beta players will be invited to vote on which of six tracks from synthwave label FiXT Neon will accompany the game’s dramatic final battle.

The tracks in the running to accompany the story mode’s mind-bending finale are:

Players can listen to all six tracks here & find for details on how to cast your vote in-game.