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Jul 10, 2020

Last Regiment, a 4X strategy game with deckbuilding elements is available now on Steam

From Press Release:

Prime Your Muskets and Saddle Your Squirrels – Last Regiment is Launched!

The Reconquest begins! Indie strategy game studio Boomzap Entertainment is launching their new turn based strategy game Last Regiment on June 15th. Set in an original fantasy world based loosely on the 1700’s Age of Exploration, players build and control regiments struggling for control of the legendary continent of Kothia, a land recovering from a magical cataclysm over a thousand years old.

Last Regiment is a hybrid 4x-style strategy game with a card/deck building element: Build your regiment, then summon your warriors in a full strategy-game style map to fight with up to 7 other adversaries. The game features an innovative simultaneous planning/resolution cycle that allows all players to plan their moves and see them resolved at the same time, creating multiplayer matches that are not only highly strategic, but also fast. Most MP games are completed within an hour or two.

The game is set in a brutal clash between a technologically advanced Old World and a magically powerful New World recovering from an ancient apocalypse that has ripped civilization apart, littering the land with magical golem-like Constructs, undead fungal creatures known as the Infected, and wild Feyborn monsters. Players can choose from a wildly diverse set of heroes and units: Elves with chainsaws, fungal undead legions, goblins riding giant flying squirrels, mechanical sharks and much, much more.

“When we built Legends of Callasia, people loved the simultaneous combat planning… Finally, you could play a real turn based multiplayer strategy game without waiting forever for everyone to take their turns! But we knew we could improve on the core combat mechanic, with more interesting choices for the players in building their armies. That’s the heart of Last Regiment.”
– Christopher Natsuume, Creative Director

Full Campaign:
Command ten heroes across over twenty missions. Follow the story of various factions: vicious pirates from the Ruman Isles, Goblin tribes defending their homeland, Elves seeking a new home as the Reconquest colonies redraw the map of their homelands, and more.

Skirmish & Multiplayer:
Play in Skirmish with AI or Multiplayer mode, with up to 8 human and AI  players in a single game. In multiplayer, the game supports a fluid alliance system that allows you to make or break alliances mid-game.

So Many Options!
10 Heroes, 140+ Units, 60+ Powers… Each hero has their own faction of troops and powers, for a total of over 140 units and 90 card powers in the game. Every game is a new chance to craft a new regiment, and see how it plays against different enemies, or on key terrains.

Level Editor:
Build your own levels in a fully Steamworks-integrated level editor. Build, edit, and upload maps for the community to play, or to download maps from the community for your own games.

“As a Filipino developer, I was fascinated by how our game lore comes from very different perspectives on colonialism, blending together the contexts of a diverse team of developers: American, Malaysian, Singaporean, and Filipino… As we fleshed out our game world, we started to see just how different those points of view were, but more importantly, where they lined up. Last Regiment’s narrative is built on those stories: how the colonized overcame those who held power over them, and how they came to terms with a new society despite their bloody history.
– Javi Almirante, Designer

“We knew when we started Last Regiment that a player-accessible map editor was critical to building a meaningful community, so it was designed from the ground up to have a player-editor. In fact, the editor is the exact same one that the designers used for building the skirmish, and multiplayer maps found in the game.”
– Martin James David, Designer

Join the Reconquest!

  • Last Regiment has released, and is on sale now for 40% off!
  • Available on Steam for PC and Mac.
  • Get on Steam Right Here