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Aug 14, 2020

The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines now available on PC via Steam, Switch, and Xbox One for all your time manipulation needs

From Press Release:

The Ambassador is a twin-stick fantasy shooter where you can stop the flow of time. You play as Gregor, a newly recruited member of the Eternal Fellowship, and an Ambassador of Time. Learn to channel mystical forces and newfound power with Cait, a fellow member of the fellowship. As you finish your training, the Fellowship’s capital city is mysteriously destroyed and Cait is wounded! You must find those responsible and return your home to its former glory. Can you survive inter-dimensional collapse and save Tamaris?

Unique Features

  • Stop time with environmental challenges and combat your enemies
  • Assemble an arsenal full of unique weapons and armor
  • Change your equipment on the fly to suit new challenges
  • Traverse dimensions however you want with non-linear progression
  • Discover the mysteries of Tamaris and find out what happened to the Eternal Fellowship

As tinyDino Games describes it: “We like to think of it as a mashup of all the indie games we enjoyed while learning how to make games ourselves. Because of this, you will notice elements of Braid, Crawl, The Binding of Isaac, and Nuclear Throne all tossed together into a new and shiny twin-stick shooter.”

The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines official digital soundtrack is also available now! Featuring music by Tony Manfredonia, this album encompasses all music heard in game and provides an epic atmosphere to any adventure.

The Ambassador on Switch
The Ambassador on Xbox
The Ambassador on Steam

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