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Aug 18, 2020

Cyber Protocol is retro puzzle game where you play as a cyberpunk hacker, releases September 17th onto Steam

From Press Release:

August 18th, Warsaw, Poland – Cyber Protocol is a game for retro and cyberpunk fans with a unique graphic style. Become a hacker of the future and save your friend, the android G0X6! In order to bring G0X6 back to life, you need to hack through 100 handmade levels of the security system.

Beware though — it won’t be easy. The puzzles are a real challenge even for hardcore gamers. The game takes us back to the time when skills, patience, and logic were required to beat challenges.

What distinguishes Cyber Protocol from all the other cyberpunk games is its unique approach to the genre. Although we see androids, holograms, and a city lit by colorful neon lights, but our hero also uses… a floppy disk. Oldschool, eh?

Cyber Protocol is a journey set to the beat of amazing 8-bit music and synth-wave. Its visuals create a nostalgic mood and bring back the special, energetic world of arcade machines. The fun doesn’t stop here, though! The cyberpunk details add to the unique mood of the game. All those aspects together create a perfect environment for testing your skills.

The gameplay is strong and dynamic. If you want to test your logical skills and reflex — or maybe just love the retro style and good, energetic music — just grab a gamepad!


  • Absorbing gameplay. The team has put every effort to turn each one of the 100 levels into a new, original challenge, not just with a different setup. There are also new traps with different mechanics, which can be used in various ways. Even if you repeat a stage, you will be as involved as the first time. / Even at the highest level you will be as involved as if it was your first level.
  • Competitive. Share the fun with your family and friends – Cyber Protocol allows up to 4 players to take up the challenge locally! But be careful, only the best hackers can get through it safely.
  • For challengers. Looking for more adrenaline? Try hacking the system in the arcade mode at an increased pace and with limited lives. The task is difficult, but if you are good enough, you can get into the top 20 global ranking of cyber hackers!
  • For retro fans. Missing retro games style? Don’t worry – we got you covered! Throw away your old, dusty console, enter our game and travel back in time to the 80’s by changing game themes and sounds.
  • Music player. If you want to relax after a hard day of hacking, sit back and listen to the Cyber Protocol’s Synthwave and 8bit soundtracks before progressing to the next challenge!

More information about the game can be found on Steam, the developer websiteTwitter and Facebook.

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