Sep 22, 2020

Soldat 2 releases into Steam Early Access today, the sequel to the LAN classic 18 years later

From Press Release:

Warsaw, Poland – September 22, 2020 – Michal “MM” Marcinkowski, indie game developer creator of SOLDAT, releases Soldat 2 in Early Access on Steam.

After 30 months of “one man army” style development, the creator of Soldat releases the sequel 18 years after the first one!

“Soldat 2 is back in a new, 3D look, but it stays true to its roots with: a high-skill ceiling, high-speed physics-based movement and all the different weapons combined with ragdoll violence. – Besides recreating what made Soldat great there are new guns, maps, game modes and experimental features like motorbikes, battle royale and an inspired gamemode in which you can become a giant”.– says the creator Michal “MM” Marcinkowski.

“The Soldat 1 movement inspired many games including N and was analyzed in the book “Game Feel” by Steve Swink. I’m happy to have recreated it in Soldat 2 and expanded for even more skill-based fun!” – he adds.

After several weeks of testing with the community, the game is ready to be released via Early Access on Steam. Development will continue as Michal Marcinkowski – the creator, collects feedback from the players and introduces new features. Players can meet on the official Soldat 2 Discord channel. 

Become a giant in the experimental inspired game mode!

Soldat 1 is a legend of 2000’s internet and LAN parties and a precursor of the 2010’s indie game revolution – before the term “indie” was coined. Watch MM’s story on how the game started 18 years ago.

Put on your rocket-boots and grab your gun. Soldat 2 is ready! 
$13.50 with a 10% launch discount (regular price $14.99)


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