Oct 06, 2020

Non-violent city-builder Before We Leave receives FREE “Paving the Way” update while in Early Access

From Press Release:

New Zealand – October 6, 2020 – Developer Balancing Monkey Games has launched its “Paving the Way” content update for the non-violent city-builder game Before We Leave.  The new “Paving the Way” content update brings a variety of new features including new resources, the ability to upgrade roads, a new Warehouse building, the ability to supply a list of names for Peeps and Ships, optional onscreen controls, and much more.

A full list of features includes:

  • Two new resources: Chemicals and Cement
  • Upgrading roads – Stone roads improve movement speed, decorated roads improve happiness, and power poles transmit power resources without the need for Peeps to carry it
  • A new Road Laying building that brings vehicles that can upgrade roads
  • A new Warehouse that is available for cliffside building
  • Rebalanced power generation – Wood Power Generators are nerfed, Solar and Wind Power Generators can now be built on any island
  • Players can customize the names of their Peeps and Ships
  • Additional optimization and bug fixes

In Before We Leave, players are tasked with leading their group underground because of natural disasters. Generations later they arise and must rebuild civilization and expand society to other continents and eventually other planets.

Before We Leave is available for purchase on the Epic Games Store for $19.99.