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Oct 26, 2020

Viking City Builder is the first RTS to use Ray Tracing and DLSS

From Press Release:

I’ve chosen Unreal Engine 4 as a base for the Viking City Builder having its graphical capabilities and this technology in particular in mind.

Ray Tracing generates a much more accurate and realistic effect than traditional methods of lighting a scene in games production. It even takes the physical aspects of the world into consideration and can also simulate variety of optical effects like reflections and really helps to bring the virtual world to life and makes it more believable I think. The use of Ray Tracing unfortunately has a negative impact on performance but I have good news. The game will offer support for DLSS2. Thanks to this technique we get a huge performance jump of up to 40% with additional image quality improvement!

The Vikings are coming to build their settlements on the ashes of the European world! You wanna join them? Add the game to your wishlist now!