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Dec 03, 2020

Airborne Kingdom trailer welcomes you to The Shallows

From Press Release:

Today, The Wandering Band revealed another exciting new sneak peek at the world of Airborne Kingdom, a first-of-its-kind “flying city builder” that combines free-roam exploration, nodal storytelling, and sim-style management in a soothing, experiential style of gameplay.

This new video, narrated by designer Ben Wander, reveals the Shallows, another mysterious environment players will explore from the unique vantage point of their civilization in the clouds. Beyond the Barrens lies a fog-laden plain whose ancient civilizations and once-bountiful coal deposits have long-since washed away, leaving behind tantalizing clues to a lost history – and secrets yet to be unearthed.

Airborne Kingdom launches exclusively through the Epic Games Store on December 17 for PC and Mac. For more information, please visit