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Jan 27, 2021

POSTAL 4: No Regerts calendar addition is no ordinary day with the “Wednesday Update” today

From Press Release:

TUCSON, Arizona — January 27, 2021 — POSTAL 4: No Regerts®, the over-the-top comedic first-person shooter and latest entry in Running With Scissors’ classic franchise enjoyed by millions, flushes in Hump Day with the “Wednesday Update,” adding new missions, areas, character customization, and TONS of ass cleaning hijinks on Steam Early Access and GOG for PC today.

Midway through another effed up week in the charming town of Edensin, the Postal Dude awakens in the palatial estate of the Edensin Mayor himself, Mike J. As the Master Bidet-er, Mayor Mike J sets The Postal Dude loose on a righteous crusade. Cleanse the filth of Edensin by installing bidets where they matter most, in the headquarters of the toilet-paper-obsessed Wipe Militant led by Tinklage, and let the holy water flow! Resolve a diplomatic crisis south of the border. Disposable wipes and other “environmentally safe” lies about toilet paper create an iceberg-sized blockage in Edensin’s sewage system, causing tons of American sewage to burst into Mexico. Montezuma would be proud!

As the latest protagonist in POSTAL 4’s increasingly wacky sandbox, Mayor Mike J. sends The Postal Dude to the grand opening of Kunny Island Amusement Park. Krotchy, the phallic mascot of POSTAL, has a new yonic partner in Kunny. Performing at Kunny Island is former real life porn star/DJ Carter Cruise, lending her likeness and voice to her in-game character.

Hit up the newly opened Lil’s Fashion Funwear for character customization, including the Drag outfit and Classic Trenchcoat outfit from POSTAL 2. Arm The Postal Dude with the Mop, a new melee weapon capable of deflecting bullets and cleaning spills. Experience a host of new additions to POSTAL 4 including first-person splatter on the Dude and a dynamic fluid system so blood, piss and puke can flow downhill. Explore the new Affluent/Industrial District, home to lavish mansions, luxurious lawns, and the best shopping on this side of the border.

“Edensin is evolving into a place for every kind of saint and sinner to enjoy,” said Vince Desi, founder of Running With Scissors. “There’s no greater crime than killing trees for a half-assed cleaning job, and no greater pleasure than a relaxing stream of warm water hitting just the right spot.”

An open-world sandbox shooter set across five days where every day brings new ridiculous exploits, POSTAL 4: No Regerts receives its third in-game day with the Wednesday Update, available now on Steam Early Access and GOG for PC. To get in character as everyone’s favorite bathrobed antihero, check out the official website and follow Running With Scissors on TwitterInstagramYouTubeFacebook, and Discord.