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Mar 26, 2021

Quicksave 018: I Hate Ate It

Adios, friendos! Scott’s been playing Adios and the extremely popular Minecraft Dungeons, and Evan is pretty much only playing the same things all the time, so we hope you like regular check-ins on Valheim and Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Also Evan is finally on the Little Nightmares train, so hurray for that. We’ve got some discussion about Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and silly sketch comedy shows on Netflix. But most importantly, please stick around for the debut episode of our fast food mini-podcast at the end of the episode. I hate to say it but this may be some of the best radio we’ve done. Beep boop, gotta go, see ya!


  • Adios (8:10)
  • Minecraft Dungeons (19:30)
  • Yakuza & Valheim (31:11)
  • Little Nightmares (34:57)
  • We Were Here / We Were Here Too (45:30)