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Apr 13, 2021

The “Big Ship” Update is here with version 0.3 of Space Station Tycoon

From Press Release:

April 13th, 2021 — Lunheim Studios is excited to announce the latest Steam Early Access release of Space Station Tycoon is now available on Windows PC for $19.99 — the new major update features the addition of big ships, a new reputation system, mission hub, and more!

It’s the year 3000AD. Humanity has spread its reach across the stars, created a booming economy, and now seeks entrepreneurial spirits to stake their claims. Come all you tycoons, for now, is the time to take action and build your own space station. It won’t be easy, you’ll have to fight off space pirates, attract demanding customers to your services, and risk financial ruin on the markets. But if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Space Station Tycoon is inspired by its greatest ancestors of the “tycoon” genre. We took those inspirations and wanted to create our own tycoon game set in a sci-fi universe. Where the player has a chance to experience the demands of running their own station. Our main goal is to ensure that strategic depth and difficult choices are at the forefront of everything you do.

Current Early Access Version (0.3) Features:

  • Over 20+ unique buildings to build, upgrade, and manage.
  • Serve a vast variety of customers ranging from mean space pirates to clan merchants who get easily upset at your fuel prices.
  • Customize your station and show your style for the whole galaxy to see.
  • Monitor the volatile stock market and ride the edge between vast riches and agonizing debt.
  • Buy and sell precious materials and turn a profit.
  • Send out your drones on dangerous space missions to gather rare artifacts.
  • Try to survive many hostile events like natural disasters or pirate attacks.
  • Use the in-depth finance tab to maximize your profits.
  • Plan strategic marketing moves to increase the popularity of your station.
  • Build holographic billboards and display ads from the corporations you work with.

Space Station Tycoon is currently scheduled for a full 1.0 release later this year.

To learn more, visit:

Twitter: @LunheimStudios