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Apr 15, 2021

Comanche receives seventh Early Access update to add new Conflicts single-player mode today

From Press Release:

Brno, Czech Republic / Vienna, Austria, April 15th, 2021: The latest Early Access update for Comanche features a brand new single-player mode called “Conflicts” which offers challenging missions to master. Conflicts Mode is a set of various single-player missions, separate from the story campaign. In each mission, you will have to fulfill specific requirements in order to get all of the medals for that particular challenge. Only after earning all of the medals, will you be able to unlock the next mission.

“Each medal provides its challenge, so players truly need to master their skills. Also, missions have distinctive objectives and it is up to players how they accomplish them.“ – Petr Kolář, Ashborne Games Studio Manager

EA Update 7: Conflicts includes:

  • New single-player game mode: Conflicts
    • Conflict mission – Operation: Itzal
    • Conflict mission – Operation: Purple Nemi
    • Conflict mission – Operation: Terhen
  • Added functional cockpits with instruments
  • Changed Comanche behavior as all the helicopters are more agile
  • New Conflicts UI in Play menu
  • Each mission has its own loading screen

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