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Apr 16, 2021

Festival Tycoon hosting a FREE Playtest this Weekend, Steam Sign-ups Available Now

From Press Release:

Just a quick note to let you know the music festival builder-sim in colourful voxels Festival Tycoon is running a free Playtest this weekend on Steam in which players will get to try their design and marketing skills on two fully unlocked maps plus customization options in a Sandbox mode.

The Playtest starts later today and will run through the weekend until Monday 19th April.

Festival Tycoon coming 2021! GIF
A fusion of builder, management and RTS, Festival Tycoon is all about hosting the wildest festival the world has ever seen in adorable, colourful voxels.


  • 🎪 Design the optimal festival layout: Place tents, VIP bungalows, glamorous stages, portaloos, festival decorations and more!

  • 🎸Book talent and arrange a stellar line-up: Put your bargaining skills and musical taste to the test by hiring a range of bands across the likes of folk, rock and techno.

  • 🎫 Attract sponsors and sell tickets: Appease sponsors like banks, record labels and drink companies for grants.

  • 🤩 Keep the crowds happy: Be wary of your attendees’ satisfaction, as unhappy punters are quick to take to social media and ruin your reputation!