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Apr 23, 2021

Quicksave 022: More Books Gets You Closer to a Personal Pan Pizza

Scott kicks things off talking through his experiences with two games that aren’t bad but also aren’t great, Crash Dive 2 and MogoGP 21. Evan has some follow-up thoughts on Oddworld Soulstorm (and why it probably isn’t for him), and both of the guys have a whole lot to say about Capcom’s timed demo strategy for Resident Evil Village (spoilers: we think it’s super dumb). Then it’s off into news and current events land where the discussion explores Sony’s recent missteps with the PS3 and PS Vita marketplaces, the recent incident of Grinding Gear Games dealing with an internet troll levying false claims while pretending to be a disabled gamer, and we explore the nuance of some remarks about supporting games financially from John Garvin (director of Days Gone and Syphon Filter). It’s Big Takes Week on Quicksave, so buckle up for a lot of impassioned discussion.


  • Crash Dive 2 (11:09)
  • MotoGP 21 (18:22)
  • Oddworld Soulstorm (32:33)
  • Resident Evil Village Demo (45:55)