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May 12, 2021

First two chapters of the Dungeons of Edera campaign are now available, leaves Early Access in Q4

From Press Release:

May 6th, 2021 — Monster Tooth Studios is excited to announce a milestone Early Access update to our rogue-lite action RPG Dungeons of Edera ahead of its full 1.0 launch in Q4 2021! Current owners of the game now have access to the first two chapters of the campaign along with the endless dungeon mode.

Dungeons of Edera is a dungeon crawler featuring procedurally generated levels, each packed with challenging enemies, bosses, and lots of loot for the aspiring adventurer — battle through hordes of monsters, unite factions, and leave your legacy as you restore Edera to its former glory!


  • Unite the Factions of Edera: Play through a hand crafted campaign over three unique factions to unite your lands against the Oswary Kingdom.
  • Never play the same dungeon twice: Procedurally generated levels featuring a wide variety of themes with random enemies and bosses selected from the numerous factions means you will never play the same dungeon twice, bringing a new challenge every time you step in
  • Your character, played your way: Persistent progression and an open skill tree means with each level and skill point you choose your characters path.
  • Loot… Lots of loot: Hundreds of loot options over several rarity types that will boost your abilities and help you specialize your character
  • Leave your legacy: Spend your gold to rebuild your faction with upgrades that persist through death and aid your next adventurer. Bring in a blacksmith to sell exotic weapons or a trainer from the Fire Mages guild to unlock magical skills.

Dungeons of Edera is currently available in Steam Early Access for $14.99.

For more info, visit:
Dungeons of Edera on Discord:
Dungeons of Edera on Twitter: @DungeonsOfEdera