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May 27, 2021

Aviary postal coop puzzler KeyWe gets an August 31st release date on PC and consoles

From Press Release:

LONDON, UK – May 27, 2021 – The mail must flow! Sold Out and Stonewheat & Sons are flapping with excitement to announce that adorable postal puzzler KeyWe will release August 31 on the PlayStation®5 (PS5) system, the PlayStation®4 system, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, the Nintendo Switch™ system and PC.

Plus, players who pre-order will receive access to the ‘Early Bird Pack’ at no additional cost  — featuring a range of bonus in-game content, including:

  • Experimental Postal Pack Backwear – From the minds at Belby University, the Experimental Postal Pack is a multi-purpose marvel of modern engineering! When Jeff & Debra wear this groovy gizmo, they’ll unlock new objectives to test its mysterious properties, like hunting magnetic disturbances, collecting static charges, or escaping hungry singularities, while still performing their postal duties, of course!
  • Zuni the Baby Octopus Backwear – As precious as she is pink, Zuni the Baby Octopus would love nothing more than to ride along on Jeff and Debra’s back as they perform their postal duties. She promises not to get ink on any of the envelopes.
  • Cassowary Cowl Facewear – The Telepost cassowary delivery team are known for their speed, stamina, and stubbornness. They are not known for their observational skills. Disguise yourself as one with this wearable mask.
  • Buck’s Big Bushy Beard Facewear – Jeff and Debra’s boss is Telepost station chief Buck Hamm, a jovial postman with years of experience and a very well-groomed beard. Fortunately, he also has a good sense of humor, so he’ll probably appreciate the kiwis imitating his trademark look with this beard, moustache, hat, headset and glasses set.

In addition, the Nintendo Switch version of KeyWe will include exclusive ‘Lavender Knight’ and ‘Amber Knight’ wardrobe accessories to let players go medieval on the mailroom. Equip Jeff and Debra with dazzling helmets and majestic shields, and tackle the Telepost for the honour of Bungalow Basin!

The PlayStation 5 version will also take advantage of the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to immerse players further into the world of Bungalow Basin, letting them feel the tightening tension of slingshots, the satisfying ‘pop’ of popping bubble wrap and the pitter-patter of Jeff and Debra’s tiny feet as they scurry around the mailroom.

“We’ve set our heart on making a warm, lighthearted game that friends and families can laugh at and enjoy together,” said Joel Davis, Animator at Stonewheat & Sons. “It’s been a blast creating the colorful Telepost and its unusual staff, and we can’t wait to welcome players to the world of Bungalow Basin on August 31.”

KeyWe is an outrageously adorable game to play with a friend,” added Katie Clark, Senior Product Manager at Sold Out. “We’re incredibly proud of the whole team at Stonewheat & Sons and hope players will see something special in this game, the same way we do at Sold Out.”

KeyWe is a cute and chaotic co-op game starring Jeff and Debra, two small kiwi birds working in a fun and frantic mailroom. With no hands to help them, they must jump, flap, peck and butt-slam their way across an interactive landscape of levers, bells and buttons to type telegrams, ship packages and send urgent messages to keep the mail flowing.

Key Features:

  • Mailroom mayhem – Take on the role of a postal-working kiwi bird and partner up with a friend to type out telegrams, send urgent messages, ship packages and keep the mail flowing.
  • Cute, chaotic co-op – Buddy up on the couch or flock online in chaotic co-op.
  • Adorable single-player – Control both kiwi birds on a single controller to venture out on a solo mail service adventure.
  • Perilous postal environments – Navigate mailroom desks and shipping rooms to become a master of the mail service.
  • Seasonal silliness – Encounter hazards caused by wintery weather, autumnal thunderstorms and more on the way to becoming postal pros.
  • Customizable kiwis – Change the color of your kiwi’s feathers and unlock new accessories – because kiwi birds look cute in little hats!

KeyWe will be available physically and digitally on all console platforms, and can be added to your Steam Wishlist now. For more information on KeyWe, visit, follow @KeyWeGame on Twitter, or join the discussion on Discord.