Jun 05, 2021

Meditative experimental platformer Ynglet gets a surprise release during the Guerilla Collective showcase today

From Press Release:

5th June 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark: Renowned Swedish experimental game developer Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren (Affordable Space Adventures, Uurnog, Knytt) and Triple Topping (Welcome to Elk, Spitkiss) have today released Ynglet, a meditative side-scrolling swimming game with hand-drawn visuals and a soundtrack that is created through gameplay, on Steam.

In Ynglet, players swim, launch and bounce through a meditative floating platformer. A reactive soundscape creates the soundtrack to your exploration through the playful puzzles of Ynglet’s hand-drawn levels.

“Surprise!” said Nifflas, developer of Ynglet. “I’m very fortunate that many people enjoyed my previous games like Knyt, Uurnog and Affordable Space Adventures and I really hope you will like this game too!”


  • Absolutely no platforms (which is really unusual for a platformer)!

  • Jump between bubbles that float in the sky like you’re a space dolphin!

  • Dash into walls that reflect you. It feels really good and looks awesome!

  • Did we mention there are no platforms?

  • A highly reactive and dynamic soundtrack thanks to Ynglet’s custom and needlessly complicated music software.

  • Lots of unusual creatures doing their own thing, making the world feel alive

The team

Ynglet is created by Nicklas Nygren aka Nifflas. Nifflas and Triple Topping are good friends so they help each other creating Ynglet. Nifflas is the creative mastermind and one man army behind the game, while Triple Topping is taking care of all the boring stuff and practicalities that are also a part of game development.

Ynglet was first made as a game jam project, at No More Sweden. It’s been some years, but now the time has come to finish up the game and share it with the rest of the world.