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Jun 07, 2021

Elderand announced, this Lovecraftian Metroidvania is coming to PC and consoles in 2022

From Press Release:

Vancouver, Canada and Salvador, Brazil – June 7, 2021 – Graffiti Games announces today that it is partnering with Brazilian indie developer Mantra to launch Metroidvania game Elderand next year on PC and console. Revealed during Guerilla Collective 2 this past Saturday, Elderand is a love letter to classic Metroidvania games that allow players to forge their own paths.

In Elderand players will experience a Lovecraftian inspired, story-driven action RPG game that forces players to use skill-based combat to take down deadly creatures. Explore and fight in a rich world to collect bountiful loot. Discover Elderand in this new trailer.

Elderand features include:

  • Skill-Based Combat – Elderand has a heavy focus on skill-based combat that will punish reckless explorers time after time. Do not fear, your timing and positioning will improve as you find your battle style.
  • Treasures and Loot – Discover, buy, and collect a myriad of items, including unique relics, potions, weapons and shields. Bargain with shopkeepers to gather even more loot and upgrade your character to become the most powerful warrior.
  • Explore the Dreary Lands – Journey to distinct lands filled with ancient mysteries to unravel. Slay lethal creatures, find hidden passages, and befriend strangers from the Errant Breach to Omulore. While forging your path through the world, remember one thing, curiosity is your greatest ally.

Elderand is a love letter to Castlevania with modern elements that fans will enjoy,” said Will Fernandes, founder of Mantra. “We think it will be the next great game in the genre and we’re excited to partner with Graffiti Games to release it next year. Graffiti has a strong track record of successfully publishing indie games and Elderand will be their next hit.”

For more information regarding Elderand please visit Graffiti’s Twitter page or Discord.