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Jun 13, 2021

PC Gaming Show: A gentle mix of Crusader Kings and The Sims, Lakeburg Legacies announced

From Press Release:

13 June 2021 – French developers Ishtar Games are delighted to announce their upcoming social management simulator, Lakeburg Legacies, for PC via a feature in the official PC Gaming Show.

Building a thriving kingdom starts with its people. Lakeburg Legacies is a ‘light’ management sim with a social twist inviting players to take control of their very own kingdom. Not only will you manage its resources and growth – but also play matchmaker by pairing their townsfolks’ personalities, attributes and dreams to build an unshakeable lineage.

Every playthrough of Lakeburg Legacies is unique thanks to procedurally generated townsfolk and randomised events that require players to make tough decisions for the good of their kingdom – or it’s demise.

The announcement comes with a debut gameplay trailer, beautifully rendered with hand-drawn artwork – showcasing the blend of strategy, RPG and intriguing match-making gameplay that’s perfect for players looking for a light management sim that peers a little deeper into its townsfolks’ lives.

Matthieu Richez, CEO of Ishtar Games and Lakeburg Legacies Creative Director said, “I am delighted to – at last – show to the world our new baby: Lakeburg Legacies!

Having previously worked on titles with more tense, survival settings (such as Dead in Vinland and The Last Spell), with this new IP we’re excited to bring a lighter mood to our work – while keeping what makes the core of the studio design philosophy.

Moreover, it will be our first self-published game, so we’re really looking forward to the new challenges ahead of us!”

Lakeburg Legacies will be avaliable for PC via Steam, players can wishlist it here now.