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Jun 18, 2021

polacolour update for art of rally is now live on PC which adds dark mode, brighter colors, and more

From Press Release:

art of rally‘s polacolour update is now live on Steam, Epic and GOG! 🌈

Including a UI update with dark mode, improved lighting and more

  • huge re-design of the UI and also dark mode and UI scaling
  • cross-platform leaderboards with downloadable ghosts of anyone you see on the leaderboard
  • car physics body collider is less bouncy
  • lowered the maximum torque rpm for all cars.
  • raised the rev limit for group 2 cars and vans.
  • updated baseline ai times
  • rain ai times use faster times from the wet leaderboards
  • dynamic resolution scaling when running the game in DX12 (need to use this launch option: -force-d3d12) Setting Game Launch Options Disclaimer: DX12 may not be fully stable, which is why the default is DX11

Grab Absolute Drift for free on GOG!

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18 hours left! Get it here


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