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Jun 21, 2021

FANATEC announces an all-new Podium Steering Wheel Bentley GT3 steering wheel

From Press Release:

Landshut, Germany. – June 21st, 2021 – The leading manufacturer for sim racing equipment, FANATEC®, announces an all-new Podium Series steering wheel, developed in partnership with Bentley Motors Limited. This exact wheel is being used in the Bentley GT3 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb car. Made from lightweight carbon fibre and magnesium, it features a large circular, digital display which offers vital telemetry data and hardware tuning features.

To learn more about the Fanatec Podium Steering Wheel Bentley GT3 please visit:

Stand out from the crowd.

You’ve never seen a wheel quite like this. The spectacular circular display dominates the front face, with a stunning forged carbon bezel and CNC-machined aluminium rotaries with signature Bentley knurling.

A real racing accessory.

The Podium Steering Wheel Bentley GT3 was developed simultaneously for both the real Pikes Peak race car and for sim racing, in collaboration with Bentley and their Motorsport team. The quick release (QR2) meets FIA standards, allowing it to connect to the real car and compatible Fanatec wheel bases.

Performance and beauty.

Combining ultimate performance with distinctive Bentley design, this 310 mm diameter wheel features a round 3.4” display, magnesium core, 5 mm-thick carbon fibre front plate with custom green weave, and Alcantara® grips.

Telemetry and much more.

The large, circular display can show game telemetry and other special features using a bespoke interface. Adjusting force-feedback and other hardware settings in the Fanatec Tuning Menu also provides a unique experience with this wheel.

Striking timepiece.

The included mount can be used to showcase the wheel on either your wall or desk. Powered by a USB connection, the wheel can be displayed as a clock inspired by the traditional timepiece found in

the Bentley Continental GT. It can also replay preloaded race telemetry from famous laps, showing pedal and steering inputs, gear changes, G-meter, and a track map.

Take control.

The vast selection of inputs are intuitively placed around the wheel, including premium snap-dome buttons, two 7-way FunkySwitch™ directional sticks with encoder functionality, two aluminium thumb wheels with optical encoders, and a magnetic shifter and dual-analogue clutch paddle system.

The perfect paddles.

A unique configuration of the integrated Podium Advanced Paddle Module based on the shifter paddle design from the Continental GT offers four magnetic paddles: two for gear shifting, and two for additional functions. Dual analogue clutch paddles use contactless Hall sensors for precision and durability.


In addition to the main display, the eight primary buttons also attract the eye with a special backlit surround. Integrated RevLEDs and FlagLEDs are programmable to display many colours through FanaLab.

Optional lower handle: The Pikes Peak Grip.

Due to the number of hairpin turns on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb course, it is essential for the wheel shape to feature a lower rim section. This optional grip (included) can be attached to help when applying extra steering lock around tight corners.


  • Officially licensed Bentley product
  • Actual wheel used in the Bentley Continental GT3 PPIHC car
  • Comfortable 310 mm diameter wheel with Alcantara® grips
  • 5 mm-thick carbon fibre plate with custom green weave
  • Pikes Peak Grip: optional lower grip (included) to suit different driving styles
  • Magnesium alloy core for maximum stiffness and weight saving
  • Exchangeable quick release (QR2) allows for use with real Bentley Continental GT3 Pikes Peak race car and compatible Fanatec wheel bases
  • Unique circular, digital display in centre of wheel to show telemetry and other features
  • 3.4” 800 x 800 px RGB vertical stripe LCD
  • Forged carbon bezel
  • Four CNC-machined aluminium rotary encoders
  • Eight snap-dome buttons with 900 g activation force
  • Backlit button surrounds
  • Two 7-way FunkySwitch™ directional sticks with encoder functionality
  • Two aluminium thumb wheels with optical encoders
  • Nine RGB RevLEDs
  • Six RGB FlagLEDs
  • Paddle design based on the Bentley Continental GT shift paddles:
  • Four magnetic paddles, two for gear shifting, two for additional functions
  • Two analogue clutch paddles using contactless Hall sensors
  • Dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 microprocessor @800Mhz
  • Integrated USB-C port for firmware updates (cable included)
  • Aluminium, USB-powered desk/wall mount (included) activates the display to show:
  • Analogue clock function
  • Preloaded telemetry replays of famous laps
  • Sticker set with 50 labels included
  • Interchangeable button caps (compatible with the Button Cap and Sticker Set)
  • 1900 g (approx.)
  • Robust travel case included

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