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Jun 21, 2021

New gameplay trailer released for Bright Memory Infinite, launching this year

From Press Release:

TOKYO – June 19, 2021 – Bright Memory Infinite, the high-octane, visually stunning first-person slash-and-shooter from solo developer FYQD Studio and publisher PLAYISM, takes aim on Steam for Windows PC and Xbox Series X|S later this year, with a new gameplay trailer now available as revealed during GameSpot Play For All.

Chain together combos mixing swordwork and gunplay during fast-paced fights in an exquisite experience setting a new benchmark for independent games. Extend combos and chain attacks by using precise dash and “pulse” abilities that alter time and gravity, lining up enemies for cinematic executions. Worlds from the past and future cross over, pitting bullets and blades against mythological creatures and future soldiers.

In the year 2036, a strange black-hole-like phenomenon appeared in the skies all around the world. The Supernatural Science Research Organization (SSRO) sends out agents, including the protagonist Shelia, to investigate and stop rival factions from discovering dangerous secrets before they can contain them. The mysteries behind these black holes and the worlds crossing over will forever change the futures of Shelia and Earth.

FYQD Studio’s first solo project Bright Memory was a launch title on Xbox Series X|S and also a success during the Steam Early Access period, with Steam purchasers entitled to a free copy of Bright Memory Infinite. This successful freshman project also adds NVIDIA RTX tech features, Ray-traced reflections, NVIDIA DLSS, and received the first Unreal Dev Grant from Epic Games.

“The moment of Bright Memory Infinite’s release is getting closer,” said Xiancheng Zeng, sole developer, FYQD Studio. “The things I have learned from Bright Memory’s release on Steam and Xbox Series X|S taught me a lot and allowed me to make so many improvements to Infinite. I hope my project motivates other indie devs to never give up on what they can accomplish.”

Bright Memory Infinite launches on Steam via Windows PC and Xbox Series X|S later this year available in Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Latin American Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

For more information, please visit the PLAYISM website, follow PLAYISM on Facebook and Twitter, as well as search for #BrightMemory and #BrightMemoryInfinite on social media.