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Jun 21, 2021

New trailer for post-apocalyptic survival game Fractured Veil says “Aloha”, coming in early 2022

From Press Release:

Fractured Veil, the survival game set in a future Hawaii ravaged by sun, sand, and savagery from Paddle Creek Games, arrived at GameSpot’s Play For All digital showcase ahead of the game’s Q2 2022 Early Access launch.

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Travel to Maui’s famous white-sand beaches for a vacation unlike any other.

After an accident ripped giant holes in reality, mutants plagued the island. Now clones awaken in futuristic facilities across the island.

As a Thriver, battle mutants, scavenge resources, and build shelter for protection from twisted creatures and other survivors.

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Ally with friendly folks to establish community settlements and trade routes. Dive into dungeons to secure valuable loot.

Keep both eyes peeled: everyone on Maui is under surveillance. AI-controlled drones scan the map, broadcasting to global audiences via Fractured Veil’s official website, Twitch, and Steam page.

Tune into drone broadcasts to observe the in-game multiverse and plan a trip to a parallel universe through “veils” that allow instant teleportation. Unleash chaos on a new server, or find a new place to call home.

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Fractured Veil will be available on PC via Steam Early Access in Q2 2022. A Kickstarter campaign is planned for September 2021. For more information on Fractured Veil, visit the official website, wishlist on Steam, and follow the official Twitter account.