Jun 23, 2021

Things heat up with the Summer Update for Cozy Grove today

From Press Release:

SEATTLE, JUNE 23rd, 2021 – Developer Spry Fox (Alphabear, Triple Town, Road Not Taken) is excited to share that their summer update for their beloved title, Cozy Grove, is now live! Spry Fox has continuously made updates to the title since the debut back on April 8th, which was met with rave reviews from press and content creators.

The past patch updates, which were driven by feedback given by the Cozy Grove community in Discord and Reddit, included hundreds of QoL, balance changes and bug fixes. The full history can be found at: Notable changes included but were not limited to: increasing the stack size limits of various items, increasing the amount of storage available to players early in the game, reducing the difficulty of several quests, and a whole bunch of UI improvements. However, today’s latest update really elevates the gameplay experience for existing players and new players by adding a ton of new features and content!

Today’s summer update includes:

  • New NPBs (non-playable bears) with new quest types and rewards
  • New critter-catching and stone-skipping activities
  • The ability to name your pet animals
  • A still-secret “summer event” that will begin in July
  • Dozens of new decorations and clothing items, plus new photo standees
  • Two new, original song additions to the Cozy Grove soundtrack
  • And most importantly, players can now hug the bears!

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