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Jun 25, 2021

Orbital Bullet throws down some “Fresh Meat” in new update today for the 360° roguelike shooter

From Press Release:

Wiesbaden, Germany – 25th June, 2021. Get those rubber boots handy, as publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer SmokeStab are inviting you to get ankle-deep in blood and viscera in the latest update to their 360° roguelike shooter, Orbital Bullet. This update, titled “Fresh Meat,” brings a whole new biome to explore, enemies to kill, and an assortment of weapons and abilities to kill them with! That is, of course, if they don’t use their arsenal-bladed bloodletting gear to eliminate you first. There are also some new blood-spattered GIFs to whet your appetite ahead of your trip to the planet-wide abattoir used by those jerks at Dread Corp. to create their parasite-infected mutant super-soldiers!

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On the crimson-drenched planet Karth, the heinous Dread Corp. has built a manufacturing plant that would make even Jason Voorhees feel squeamish. Fresh Meat is the ultimate fusion of slaughterhouse and mad science laboratory, where unfortunate souls undergo brutal surgery, unwanted amputations, and are forcibly mutated with controlling parasites. Rotational roguelike warriors will be pleased to hear there are also five new weapons to dispatch those aforementioned abominations, like the self-explanatory Flamethrower and the rapid-fire, long-distance death-dealing Spiral Gun. If that’s not enough to encourage your visit to the (really) red planet, The Fresh Meat update also brings new abilities to Orbital Bullet, such as the thematically appropriate “Corpse Collector” perk that lets you use readily available bodies as ammunition!

Key Features of the Fresh Meat Update Include:

  • Biome, Bloody Biome: Located on the hostile planet Karth, this dreadful new location is where the monsters at Dread Corp. finalize their barbaric manufacturing processes, which may or may not involve infecting unwilling subjects with deadly parasites
  • Revolting New Enemies: It’s safe to say the Dread Corp. manufacturing plant isn’t building car tires or mobile phones. No, the blood-caked factory floor is responsible for creating mindless hybrid soldiers equipped with all manner of limb-removal devices and whirring buzzsaws — all ready to take you on in up-close-and-personal combat
  • Corpse Collector: Take advantage of all the dead bodies with the handy new Corpse Collector perk, which converts those wretched remains into powerful projectiles, and get your Super Mario on with the Down Slam, a new ability that utilizes the power of…big butts…to stun enemies and make them easier to kill
  • Stay Strapped: Ensure your enemies are cooked to perfection with the Flamethrower or keep your distance with the far-reaching, rapid-fire attack of the Spiral Gun

Throughout Early Access, developer SmokeStab Studio invites players, fans, and all members of the community to join the official Discord to share feedback, gameplay recommendations, content suggestions for new weapons, challenges, bosses, planets, enemies, and more during the pre-launch phase.

Orbital Bullet is currently in Early Access on PC via Steam for £10.29 / €12.99. Stay up to date on the game by following on Instagram and Facebook, and of course, visit the website at