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Jul 01, 2021

Spy vs guards multiplayer stealth game Intruder sees quality of life improvements in new update

From Press Release:

Austin Texas, June 29, 2021 – Faced with an ever-growing demand for intruding, Superboss Games has introduced quality of life updates as well as cutting down their recruitment fees, allowing all new intruders to get in on the action for half the price! That’s right, Intruder is 50% off for the Steam Summer Sale!

But wait… there’s more! During the sale, players earn bonus XP for every mission they complete!

1.5x XP from June 27th through July 8th

Alongside the complete graphics overhaul, the old sniper rifle and shotguns have been re-skinned and remodeled to become The Hammerhead and The Falcon. In the new update, over 50 new items have been made available including new skins, hats. patches, and more!


Intruding is sneaky business, but with The Falcon semi-automatic sniper rifle, you’ll be able to strike down your target before they even realize what’s happened.

Best paired with a spotter using the range-finding binoculars to give you wind speed and distance, no other weapon matches the stopping power of this gun..

Use countless gadgets to outsmart your enemies. Like this mirror cam, which lets you peek around corners, then get the drop on them with the new Hammerhead shotgun.

Best used on an unsuspecting target or to backup a teammate with a shield, The HammerHead knocks over most enemies at close range with a single shot, even through doors!


Superboss Games is also implementing some quality of life changes to improve the Intruder experiences for old and new players alike!
  • Improvements to the map selection menu, letting you pick your favorite official and player-made maps.
  • Basic chat sanitization has been added that automatically mutes and reports abusive messages.
  • You can now mute a player’s text chat along with their voice chat
  • Tons of behind the scenes error fixes for more stability
  • Legacy particles updated
  • More updates coming to map maker functions with more details to be revealed in the future

Get it on Steam: