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Jul 01, 2021

The Fermi Paradox, a narrative god game on a galactic scale enters Steam Early Access today

From Press Release:

Berlin, Germany, July 1 2021 — Beaming up onto Steam Early Access today, The Fermi Paradox from Anomaly Games is a choice-driven narrative strategy god game where you must guide the fate of the galaxy. Check out the launch trailer:

Anomaly Games’ debut title lets the player become the ultimate guiding force in the galaxy, a galactic gardener if you will. A metaphorical page-turner encased in stunning artwork and a superbly atmospheric original soundtrack, The Fermi Paradox brings an innovative and compelling choice-driven gameplay loop to the god game genre.

Manage your resources and make decisions that can, and will, have far-reaching and oftentimes catastrophic consequences that span millennia. It doesn’t always have to end in catastrophe though. This intergalactic saga is yours, and yours alone. You will shape, mold, and guide every civilization, every planet, every errant radio signal destined to unite two lonely alien species. Not satisfied with the outcome? Begin your saga anew, make different choices, and realise a new, changed galaxy.

Developed with funding from diversity games fund WINGS, The Fermi Paradox is out now in Steam Early Access. Embark on your own intergalactic saga today with The Fermi Paradox:

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